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If you want something. You bring it.

This is some of the best life advice for anyone and we apply it to the residents of Bethesda, as well. Visitors to our property are often amazed at what the men have been able to accomplish.  We have given our residents nothing but opportunity; every amenity they have is something they have participated in accomplishing.  They have laid bricks, held sheet rock and sheet metal in place, and hauled truck after truck of compost.  They eat what they have grown in their gardens, and worked to buy their own four-wheelers, riding mowers, and scooters.  They have planned and paid for their own vacations.  They have social activities and abundant holiday meals because they are willing to cook before and do the dishes afterward.  Every spring they help to clean out their swimming pool and every Saturday they clean their homes.  At Bethesda we do not cater to our residents, rather we willingly work beside them to bring the amenities they desire into their lives.  They, in turn, bring their all to the table every day, and, honestly, it is sometimes hard for us to keep up!

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