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Vocational Endeavors 


Coffee Roasting

Welcome to Six Guys Coffee, a venture that echoes the spirit of dedication and community fostered by Tom and Shelley Stafford, founders of Bethesda Place. Inspired by a shared passion for meaningful vocations, our journey into coffee roasting mirrors the ethos of Bethesda—founded on hard work, humility, and a commitment to creating a thriving community. Just as Bethesda embraces the notion of trying different ways to overcome challenges, our approach to coffee roasting is rooted in the pursuit of excellence through experimentation. We strive toward Bethesda's vision, where hard work and humility pave the way for individuals with diverse abilities to contribute significantly to their communities. With each carefully roasted batch, we aspire to embody the principles of unconditional love and service that define the Bethesda legacy, inviting you to savor not just coffee but a taste of our shared commitment to making a positive impact.

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Greenhouse and Gardens


The first asparagus patch was planted in 1979 and since then we have expanded to acres of gardens. The original intent of the various gardens was for our own personal enjoyment and nutrition as well as food cost savings!  Though the climate and soil are less than ideal for gardening, through perseverance and hard work the men have been eating the fruits of their labor together for more than 30 years. Depending on whatever the unpredictable weather of each year brings, the surplus of produce is sold to our faithful customers.

If you are interested in purchasing produce from Bethesda, we generally have a booth at the Downtown Hays Market: June - September, Saturdays 7 am - 11 am




Three decades into the creating of various woodwork, cement, metal, and other craft items one sits back and thinks, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could have just ONE of each of the projects we have made over the years?” But we don’t - and only Randy could possibly come close to naming them all off (But if you ask - make sure you have hours to listen).  

Currently our craft projects are sold only the first week of December.  Check back for details!  If you have a custom order project for the men to create for you or your business we would love to discuss the design and pricing. 785-625-6220 



Like all projects at Bethesda, log splitting is something that started small for our own financial efficiency and comfort but has grown into a form of gainful employment over the years. Through the donation of large log splitters and the steady supply of wood from B&B stump removal the men together split approximately 40 cords of wood each year for use and sale. Mark, who has autism meticulously runs the levers while staff chain saw the large pieces into smaller pieces for the men to split and stack. With only one smashed finger in 30 plus years of strenuous labor, log splitting is just one more evidence that Bethesda’s angels work over-time. And the men’s aging able bodies are proof that physical labor is often the best medicine.

We continue to heat our buildings to excess with wood that we and volunteers split.


Tree Project


The tree project was originally intended to be a small scale Christmas tree farm. However, with the donations received from the Dole and Hansen foundation in 1983 and 1984 respectively, and the generosity of groups like the Knights of Columbus and local family and friends, it has developed into a large tree nursery providing 50 - 100 trees each year for community landscaping.  The sales of these trees has provided the main source of the men's income for the last 25 years. They participate in caring for the trees from planting until moving them off of our property years later. 

We are no longer transplanting trees, but enjoy the property that is now an oasis that is shaped by this project.



Tom and Shelley Stafford purchased this home and green garage along with 5 acres in 1976 at the end of their FHSU education. The home is no longer suited for the men's accessibility needs and after serving as a home for many staff it became an Airbnb site in 2017.  The men enjoy cleaning the home, preparing for guests, and giving guests tours as requested.  It is also a great place for thier family and friends to stay when they come to visit.  

To book, please visit our site here: 


Community Involvement


The men of Bethesda love to be involved out in the Hays Community but they also love hosting the community at their property.  Our Annual Garden Day in May gives everyone a chance to see the gardens in full bloom and appreciate, "how gardens and love grow ~ slowly and with great care." While the Pumpkin Picking day in October gives everyone a chance to see all that was produced in the growing season and participate in the harvest.  

We speicalize in low-key, family friendly events. Contact us today about hosting an event for your church or organization at our beautiful location. (785) 625-6220

And... The Animals

Honestly ~ we loose quite a bit of money on these. Not to mention time. 

Our eggs are worth more than gold and...

Oh the "work" hours spent petting cats, chasing chickens, and counting sheep...

But when it comes to counting joy and smiles and laughs?

Obviously, they are a good decision.

If only we could always turn our good decisions into money.

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