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Can I book a tour?


We would love that!  (Any season but winter).  We appreciate a donation of any size that you choose, but more than that we appreciate you carrying our message of “We all have disabilities, but working together we can each accomplish so much,” with you when you leave. Call 785-259-8475


Can the men… ____________?


If it is something we haven’t tried yet - we don’t know! They are not short on work and they do not need things to “keep them busy.”  But if there is something you would love to see created or added to our community they are always willing partners in exploring new projects.  But more than asking if our men (who are fully employed and getting up there in years) could do something - rather ask yourself if you know of another individual with developmental disabilities who is under-employed or would benefit from skill development.  We are open to conversations about both our men’s willingness to participate or brainstorming about how to involve others!! 


How do you fund Bethesda?


The history of Bethesda’s funding is complex.  Current funding is a combination of governmental funding through HCBS (Home and Community Based Service) State funding (covers staffing and administrative expenses as well as limited programing fees), donations (these are absolutely necessary for property and program development, such as the greenhouse and new equipment), sales of trees and products (this pays the men’s wages),  the men’s personal funds such as wages, SSI & SSDI, and family resources, (the men are responsible to pay their own rent and food fees as well as for their own fun!) 


Who owns Bethesda?


The organization of Bethesda Place Inc. is a 501C3 managed by a Board of Directors. 


Are you taking new residents?


We are not currently able to accept new residents.


Why don’t you expand?


We firmly believe that the family sized program is best for the men of Bethesda.  This programming is small enough that it allows us to tailor the homes and work environment to each of the men and to hire and train only the best staff.  The property and homes themselves could accommodate many more residents and there are a variety of vocational expansions that would be well suited for a dual program for younger individuals, however, at this time, we lack the long-term staffing that would give us a the confidence to expand in this way.

Can I donate items?


Maybe! We are currently only taking items that we have an immediate use for, and we will honestly let you know if we can use your donation. We appreciate you thinking of the men, and all that they are able to utilize… but after collecting project materials for over 30 years we have filled our storage spaces to the max.


Can I volunteer?


For individuals who want to come for one day of volunteering we currently have a few days where we invite the community to come out and do some spring yard work with the men.  In March and April check out our Facebook page for dates.  


Local organizations also have coordinated days to come as a group and volunteer and we are more than willing to work with your organization to schedule a special volunteer day!


For ongoing volunteer work there may be possibility for such an arrangement if your interests, skills, and schedule align with the goals of our organization.  Please contact us with your ideas!


And… if you just want to take the guys to a movie or out to get a coke. The answer is: Yes!


What will happen to Bethesda as the men age?


Our goal is that the men who have built Bethesda can continue to live in their homes as long as they desire.  We know that this will require a huge amount of adjustment on the part of the directors and staff as their needs change in the coming years, but this is first and foremost their home.  Once it is no longer needed as their home, the organization will adjust to benefit others in some capacity.  


How can I pray for Bethesda?


Please pray for health and safety.  The men of Bethesda have received these things in abundance through the years and we know it is due to your prayers. Thank you!


Please pray for wisdom and direction for the directors and staff of Bethesda ~ that in each decision and interaction they can put the needs of the men above all else.


Please pray that as an organization, all that we do, brings glory for God, and a deeper societal recognition of value of all of humanity.

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